Fred Rich

About Fred

"Fred Rich"  takes fashion trends to another level: upcycled designs handmade in Cape Town.

Every garment is a slow fashion statement, made with love to detail (e.g. hand embroidery) and to our environment.

In 2016 "Fred Rich" came to life by Dinka Fredrich, a clothing engineer from Germany. She has been on a long journey, as she started making her first creations with her doll's clothes when she was only  eight years old, followed by sewing her first upcycled garment at the age of twelve. She has been working creatively with garments ever since.

To support smaller local businesses, the designs are upcycled and made locally from distinctly  picked second hand fabrics and garments, which are always "PETA approved vegan".

"Fred Rich" stands for original, vegan and ethical designs.