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FRED RICH - upcycled designs handmade in Cape Town

Upcycled Racer Formula 1 Ruffle Dress Blue S/M

Upcycled Racer Formula 1 Ruffle Dress Blue S/M

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This upcycled vintage ruffle dress is a stylish alternative to a classic midi dress. It was made sustainably from vintage bedding and is embellished by hand with sequins. It's one of a kind and handmade with love in Cape Town. PETA approved vegan. 100% upcycled cotton.

For custom orders or changes, please get in touch with us directly.

Every garment is unique and a slow fashion statement, made with love to detail and to our environment.

Fred Rich works with seamstresses and beaders in Cape Town. Designs are all upcycled locally.
Fred Rich stands for original and ethical designs. Fred Rich brings more awareness to the fashion industry through unique designs for you.

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